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South Shore

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District Health Authority

South Shore District Health Authority Website: Phone: (902) 543-4603

OBS Clinic Breastfeeding Class
Phone:(902) 527-1180

South Shore Health Midwives
Phone: (902) 634-7375

South Shore Collabroative Breastfeeding Network
(902) 543-0856

South Shore Health Out Patient Dietitian
Phone: (902) 543-4603

OBS Floor Tours
Phone: (902) 527-1180
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Public Health Services

Public Health

Public health staff are available during regular business hours to do home visits and phone counseling to assess and support breastfeeding problems. Information regarding safe formula preparation and storage is also available through Public Health.

Suite 200, 215 Dominion St.
Phone: (902) 543-0850

109 Duke St.
Phone: (902) 275-3581

175 School St.
Phone: (902) 354-5737

14 High St.
Phone: (902) 634-4014

New Germany
#5246 Highway 10
PhoneL (902) 644-2710

Community Supports

Queen's County Family Resource Centre
108 College St., Liverpool
(902) 354-7176

Lunenburg Country: Better Together Family Resource Centre
Phone: (902) 543-3119

Child Help Initiative Project (CHIP)
The CHIP is a project of the native Council of Nova Scotia. The goals of CHIP are to create a community-based family resource program and outreach services tailored to the unique circumstances of off-reserve rural Aboriginal families at greatest risk with children under the age of 6.
Diane Warner, CHIP Facilitator
Phone: (902) 354-2751/52
Fax: (902) 354-2757

Second Story Women's Centre
18 Dufferin St, Lunenburg
Phone: (902) 543-1315 or (902) 640-3044

La Leche League of Canada (LLLC)

LLLC encourages, promotes and provides mother-to-mother breastfeeding support and educational opportunities as an important contribution to the health of children, families and society. Trained LLLC Leaders hold monthly meetings for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

They are also available for questions via phone or email. Free lending library is available to mothers and health professionals.
Linda: (902) 531-2044
Mary: (902) 543-4988
Natalie: (902) 356-2099
Savannah: (902) 527-0711
LLLC also has information and resources for Health Professionals at

South Shore Public Libraries
Phone: 1-877-455-2548