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Colchester East Hants

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District Health Authority Website

Colchester Regional Hospital
Lactation Consultant: (902) 893-5554 ext 2188
Maternal Child Unit: (902) 893-5544

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Public Health Services

Colchester East Hants Health Authority
Prenatal and post-partum individual and group support available.

600 Abenaki Road
Truro, Nova Scotia B2N 5A1
Phone: (902) 893-5820 Toll free 1-800-460-2110

15 Commerce Crt, Suite 150
Elsmdale, NS
B2S 3K5
Phone: (902) 883-3500

Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program

Native Council of Nova Scotia
166 Truro Heights
Contact: Tracey Johnson
(902) 895-1738

Community Supports

Native Council of Nova Scotia
Mainland Nova Scotia
E'pit Nuji Ilmuet
Inidividual home visits and group support available
166 Truro Heights
Shirley Denny
Toll Free: 1-800-565-4372

Central Nova Scotia Breastfeeding Coalition

Healthy Baby Program
Extra financial assistance to those receviing employment support and income assistance.
Phone: 1-855-893-5951


Maggie's Place (Colchester County)
Individual and group support available
Full Bellies Prenatal program
1027 Prince St., Truro
Phone: (902)-895-0200

La Leche League
Kathie Sutherland: (902) 895-5617
Leah (902) 895-0846
Mel (902) 8956-8935

Tatamagouche & Area

Tatamagouche & Area Breastfeeding Support Group
Jamie Cripps (902) 657-2476
Kristen Langille: (902) 657-2740

East Hants

East Hants Breastfeeding Support Group
Wanda Cox (902) 758-3114

Breastfeeeding Awareness $ Support of Hants North
Jen (902) 482-4110

East Hants Family Resource Centre
Individual and group support available
Mommy2B Prenatal Program
Cathy (902) 883-4349

Great Beginnings Hants North
Individual and group support available
Kim (902) 362-2227