Additional Supports:

Provincial Breastfeeding Policy

You can download the Provincial Breastfeeding Policy here.

La Leche League

La Leche League International is an organization dedicated to educating, informing, supporting and encouraging families who want to breastfeed. They publish some useful books on breastfeeding, including The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and Breastfeeding, Pure and Simple. You can find La Leche League on the web at

La Leche League Canada has ten groups throughout Nova Scotia. To find one near you, check your white pages under La Leche League Canada or phone their national referral line at 1-800-665-4324. La Leche League Canada is online at

Local chapters provide telephone help for any breastfeeding concern you may have. They also host monthly meetings about breastfeeding. These meetings are a good place to find other breastfeeding families. Groups have lending libraries, too. If you join the organization you will receive New Beginning, a bi-monthly magazine containing stories by breastfeeding mothers.

Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centers

Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centers are located in 25 communities across the province. Check to find one near you.


Your local hospital may have postpartum classes and breastfeeding clinics available. For more information, check out the Support section.


MotherRisk is a program of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Staff at MotherRisk can answer your questions about how substances you take while you are pregnant or breastfeeding affect your baby.

Call MotherRisk at 1(877)327-4636 if you have questions.

Your Health Care Provider

Most health care providers are knowledgeable about and supportive of breastfeeding. However, not all health care providers have received specific training about breastfeeding. If you are not getting the support you need about breastfeeding, then try to find a health care provider who can give you that support.

Health care providers can refer to any number of professionals. They can include: doctors, midwives, nurses, nurse practitioners, public health nurses, public health nutritionists, registered dietitians and lactation consultants. You can find breastfeeding specialists at Public Health Services offices, your local hospital, or through a private clinic in urban areas. See the Support section for more information on breastfeeding supports available in your community.

Books and Videos

There are so many resources available that we can't list them all. Browse at your local library, bookstore, or video outlet. Your Public Health Services office, family resource centre, or new mothers group may also lend books and videos.

Make Breastfeeding Your Business

'Make Breastfeeding Your Business' is a 10 min video produced by Lindsay Corbin of the Pictou County Health Authority and Geordie Mott from Wooden Shoe Photography outlining the Make Breastfeeding Your Business: An Action Support Kit.

Mama Milk

Breastfeeding support in Tatamagouche, NS

Breastfeeding PSA

Ruin Your Day by Sparrow Folk

What breasts are for


The Internet has many web sites about breastfeeding. Here are a few that will link you to many others.

    INFACT Canada promotes mother and baby health through breastfeeding
    International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) aims to improve infant health through breastfeeding
    World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action protects, promotes, and supports the right to breastfeed
    The Breastfeeding Committee for Canada's mission is to protect, promote and support breastfeeding in Canada as the normal method of infant feeding. They are the national authority for the World Health Organization/ UNICEF Baby Friendly™ Hospital Initiative (BFHI) in Canada.
    The Baby Friendly Initiative is a global program of UNICEF and the World Health Organization that works with the health services to improve practice so that parents are enabled and supported to make informed choices about how they feed and care for their babies.